Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Moved. Again. or Back.

Sometimes life gets so hectic. Ok, not sometimes, most times. Don't you agree? If it is not one thing then it is another. And that is the way life is. In desperation we try to keep things intact, to keep the appearance of simplicity. Think of  duck on the water. I am sure you are familiar with the analogy. Having trouble picturing that?

That should help.

While graceful on top underneath the water this little guy is moving at a ferocious speed. One would never think so from how serene he looks.

I do have a point. Stay with me. All of our lives are moving at ferocious speeds. If it is not one thing, then it is another. I had this whole week off of work and was really looking forward to finishing all of my projects. Instead I tended to a very ill little girl the past 5 days. It was fine. Lots of cuddling. She is 90% recovered.
While I say that I did not get "anything" done, I know I did. I was a mother to my baby and that is irreplaceable. This blog however, is not.

We have gone back to our original blog. Its Go on over. Tell us you love it. And tell us how you manage with the day-to-day instances of life. I am a new mom still, just a beginner and could use all the tips I can get.

ps-if you need my new email address and phone number, please let me know. Also, if your blog is private, I am not able to access it anymore but would love to.

Oh, and this is makana writing, not mckay.

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