Monday, May 17, 2010

Do you procrastinate?

Taken from here: " According to Pies Steel, a human resources professor at the Univ. of Calgary's Haskayne School of Business, 95%of us procrastinate at times, with 15% to 20% being chronic offenders.
Three factors make us procrastinate: (1) lack of confidence about finishing the job; (2) boredom with the task; (3) human tendency to go for immediate reward over long-term gain. A common ploy for avoiding work at the office is reading each email, or IM, as it comes in.
How to overcome procrastination? Professor Steel believe the key is cut off distractions from the working environment. In his words, "millions of people-hours are spent making distractions as succulent as possible ... there are so many ways we could do something else ... convenient access to inferior choices is decidedly inconvenient".
One comment: "Interesting, though a bit hypocritical. You do realize that with your blog you are aiding and abetting my procrastination right now, don't you? ;)"

With that said.... I should be doing this and this. 
But I am doing this and this right now. 
Holding my sweet girls hand and cuddling together. That is what she wants me to do today. 


Bradley, MaryAnn, and Aimee said...

Darn, I hate to admit it, but I am a procrastinater. I love how you put the post together though...especially your photos! Makes me want to cuddle with my little girl right now. :)

Ben, Stephanie & Emma said...

What's more important? I think you figured that one out. All the rest can least that is what I tell myself most of the time!

marcia said...

those are some of my best memories with my kids.

I am realizing that this is mostly me, (makana) you get to read about in this blog. Hmm... well, lucky you! :)