Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome Home Jonji!

Jon-ji. The name dubbed to my little-but-taller than me brother by a certain mrs. chatterbox niece
He has been serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ for Latter Day Saints in Denver, Colorado. This mission lasted two years. I have done it, the hubbs did it and hopefully this will continue to the posterity. Some much is learned on a mission. Mostly about your self and the world in which we reside. It is really hard. There are times I wanted to quit. There were times I cried. And there were times where my happiness was off the charts. And it is where I have met some of my very best friends.  It is great to see Jonji home. He came home Friday and flys to Hawaii on Monday.


Tina said...

Yay!! How fun. Too bad you can't see him before he takes off to Hawaii. It was so good to have my brother back home. I'm sure it will be great to get caught back up with him!!

Alan Daniels Family said...

We really liked Inception. Lots of thinking and enough action. Be warned. Go to the bathroom before and hold it during. It is 2.5 hours and there isn't even really 30 seconds of down time in the whole movie!

The Parry Family said...

oh how awesome! i bet it was so nice to see him! awww i miss my bro!

I am realizing that this is mostly me, (makana) you get to read about in this blog. Hmm... well, lucky you! :)