Saturday, June 19, 2010

News: A new addition to the family

This little doll takes this other little doll everywhere we go. This little doll takes this other little doll everywhere we go. Did I mention that this doll goes EVERYWHERE! We got a stroller for her today (Thank you my friend) and I think we will need a car seat pretty soon. 

To make my point that these two are in fact one, let me just say that if the doll is not with the other doll for bed, she will not go to bed until it is safe next to her. If the doll is does not get kisses from mommy and daddy after prayers, you can bet said parents will hear about it. And if doll is MIA from walks or outings, we end up searching and searching amidst the cries of a toddler until she ifs found. 

Thank you grandparents. This new edition has changed our lives. And did I mention it cries as well? Yep. 


Matt and Angelica said...

what a cute doll! for a second i wondered if it was going to be some other great news :)

The Parrys said...

haha!! cute! your title to the post sure sounds like you are pregnant!! haha

Hans and Chelsey said...

That is hilarious. I loved the post.

Bird is the Word said...

does it have an ON OFF switch besides taking out the batteries?? I am CONVINCED my parents WANT to get annoying toys that make sounds for my kids JUST to remind me of them EVERY DAY! ~ CUTE! Prayers the doll NEVER gets lost!!

marcia said...

Ahh that was always my favorite thing to give my girls was a doll. I absolutely loved to watch them be so sweet and tender with it.

I am realizing that this is mostly me, (makana) you get to read about in this blog. Hmm... well, lucky you! :)